Help! I need a Domestic Cleaner!

It has come time where you have decided that you need help with cleaning the house. The toddler is
glued to your ankle, the kids are causing chaos, and both parents are exhausted from work.
However, the decision to get help might not be an easy one if you have never hired a domestic
cleaner before.
You have probably heard stories from your friends or colleagues about cleaners who have improved their lives dramatically, and others who have had experiences that are less than satisfactory. There is one difference that has affected Perth in particular, which has resulted in so many clients choosing to get help with their cleaning.

During the mining boom the demand for domestic cleaners increased at a very high rate. With one parent left behind while the other works fly-in, fly-out, the demands on time and schedule became increasingly difficult to manage. One of the first things to suffer is usually the housework.

As more and more cleaning services started to capitalise on this expanding market, many of the services offered could not cope with the quickly increasing demand. Perhaps the quality of work suffered, or the staff became over-booked or run down. Clients became frustrated as their cleaners under-performed, or just didn’t turn up at all. Many cleaning companies also over-estimated the financial requirements for their business. This was a common occurrence in our industry.

Avixia cleaning is different.

We have staff that have been working in the same teams and the same sites for over twenty years in Perth. Our model is one that is easily replicated so that we can expand as needs arise, while always being managed by the same dedicated team. This ensures the same level of quality for all of our clients, no matter how big we grow to be.

Our team is professional and efficient. All of our staff members are trained by senior staff and supervised so that each job is done right. We have regular inspections, a detailed scope of works for every site, and communication books to ensure that you will always have your needs attended to.

Furthermore, our management staff are friendly and approachable. They are familiar with the details of every single one of our sites, so if you have any questions, queries, complaints or compliments, they will always be there to listen and assist.