Why You SHOULD Hire Someone Else to Clean Up Your Mess

Let me start by saying that I know it’s obvious that I would recommend hiring someone to do your cleaning. I get that, it’s our business after all. With that in mind, let me explain why I think this is so important.
A few days ago I met a lovely gentleman who was a client for the business where we were cleaning. He saw me emptying some bins, chuckled and joked, “You can come and do my workshop when you’re done!”
“Sure thing,” I replied cheerfully. “I’ll grab you a business card and you can give me a call whenever you’re ready”.
His tone changed – I know he wasn’t expecting that. “My wife says that I make the mess, and so I have to clean it up.”
There’s a few reasons that he should have gone ahead and taken our business card. ​

1) Time Management.
We are professionals at what we do. We do it quickly and efficiently, and we won’t procrastinate about getting started or get distracted halfway through the job. We will be there every time, and your place will be done perfectly each time.

2) You have more important things to do than clean!
Your business or your home deserves your maximum attention. Don’t let having to do the vacuuming take time away from the important tasks that you should be doing. You are the best person to do the job that you do, just like we are the best people to do your cleaning.

3) You can afford to have it done professionally.
We work with you and your budget, to maximize value for you. You might only need us for a couple of hours a week. If you have a professional cleaner, this will most often be the case. The money you spend on us will be well worth the extra time you spend finishing that project, or maximizing the hygiene of your workplace so that your staff take less sick days, or the additional time you spend with your family.

4) You won’t need to spend resources on supplies.
Cleaning supplies are expensive. Think of all the different products you need for the office: bin liners, cleaning cloths, detergent, disinfectant, vacuum cleaners, mops, sponges… Then add on extra supplies like toilet paper, paper towels, hand soap. All of these expenses add up, but for a comprehensive service from us, you won’t need to worry about any of these things again.

5) A clean office is a happy office.
I used to work at a job previously where we had to do the cleaning ourselves. Every morning I would get to my desk and before starting work I would disinfect my desk, keyboard and phone. The dust I would find each and every day disgusted me. I’m a little bit more pedantic than most, I know, that’s why I work in the cleaning industry now. However, the principle applies to everyone. If you get to work and your desk is so clean you could eat your lunch off it, you will be more likely to step straight into all of those emails that accumulated overnight without too much time lost.

If I ever meet that sweet man again, I will equip him with this list so that he can take it back to his wife, and hopefully win that ongoing argument. In the meantime, you should call us for a quote.